Changing Schedules and Capacity Building

Our schedule keeps changing as we await our shipping container from customs. It was originally expected to be available yesterday; but our bills of lading (important, negotiable, original documents) took a circuitous DHL courier route to Peru. They should have arrived on Tuesday, February 27. Instead, they were found in Cincinnati, Ohio on Friday, March 2 and arrived here on Monday, March 5 – almost a week late. Our shipping agent has never known this to happen before!

Matching wheelchair frame types to individual needs. Never one type fits all!

Meanwhile, today was education day for the professionals at Yancana Huasy. The occupational and physical therapists, technician and a speech therapist attended as we discussed posture and positioning for children with disabilities, and matching wheelchair frame styles to individual evaluation results.

We expected to unload wheelchairs from the container this afternoon but it did not happen. There have been false alarms – first the container was arriving at 2 pm, then 6:30 -7 PM, now it is changed to late morning tomorrow. It will be quite a production as the truck with the container will block traffic on the main avenue by Yancana Huasy while we unload it. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s report on that adventure!