Coral is the Color for 35 Years

Today Eleanore’s Project participated in an educational conference marking the 35 year anniversary for Yancana Huasy. Centro Peyton was festive with all Yancana Huasy staff present wearing black and white, accented by coral ties for men and coral scarves for women. Banners focusing on various aspects of their work with people who have disabilities were on display, showing programs in special education, rehabilitation, early intervention and community inclusion. Flower bouquets in white and coral and traditional Peruvian music added to the beauty of the occasion. In addition to Yancana staff, members of the larger community attended including children and adults with disabilities and their family members, former Yancana therapy staff and occupational therapy students from San Marcos University. Father Daniel, one of the founders of Yancana Huasy was present as well and we enjoyed conversations with him about his experiences and the history of this place.

Courtyard banner at Centro Peyton proclaiming the 35th anniversary.

Courtyard banner at Centro Peyton proclaiming the 35th anniversary.

There was a presentation about special education, including strategies for working with students included in regular schools and with those who have severe and multiple challenges. It was fascinating to learn about the Van Dijk method, which was developed in the Netherlands, in Spanish!

The rest of the program focused on 24 hour postural care. I presented “Disability and Posture: 24 Hours per Day”, about the theory and background of this approach. Then Elizabeth and Sandra, Yancana Huasy occupational therapists, presented “Manejo en el Cuidado Diurno y Nocturno en personas on deficit motor” (Management of day and night care for people with motor deficit). This outlined the postural care program they have developed at Yancana Huasy and was beautifully done! It was wonderful to see their before and after photos and to hear about good results.

During the question and answer period there were many excellent questions posed about postural care. But for me the most heartwarming comment was a father who thanked us for sharing about postural care, and introduced his young adult son who was in a wheelchair. He said the information gave him hope for his son. That is what this is all about…hope!