Creating A Custom Fit

What do you do when you have a wheelchair frame that is sound, but the seating system is worn out/wrong size/poorly configured/ lacks features that your person needs? And you can’t just order up a replacement?

You make stuff! Check out what some of us made today for a darling little girl named Dara…

Thank you Motion Concepts! For donating wonderful foam seat cushions including some huge ones that can be used to create back cushions for small girls.
And another Motion Concepts seat cushion, trimmed to a smaller size to fit Dara.
When you have a metal bracket that is not what you want, change it!
Our high tech spray booth!

Of course the best part is seeing the final results. With new back and seat covers, a new belt, chest harness and head support Dara was ready to try her new chair.

Dara waiting to try her new chair!

The goal reached – Dara in her wheelchair and ready to go home!