Finishing up in Peru 2019

Friday was our last day at Yancana Huasy until next year, although their staff will continue the good work throughout 2019. Five people were scheduled, one local man and four children from a provincial area three hours away. The families all traveled together and got up at 2:30 am to arrive by 8 am. They participate fully in the program that Yancana Huasy has established, involving 24 hour posture management and returning every 6 months for follow-up visits. The day was made more challenging by a power outage on our side of the building. But not to worry, Rufino was creative in getting sufficient power to keep our essential tools going!

With daylight through windows, and extra long extension cords our team kept going!

The final group photo for 2019 – Yancana Huasy, Eleanore’s Project and St. Kate’s OT students all together!

Centro Patricio Peyton is a community center associated with Yancana Huasy, and is our “home away from home” while we do our work here. We stay in the third floor residential area. Centro Peyton is a lively place! As I write there is a choir rehearsing for a concert tonight, volleyball practice on the sports court, traditional dancing class happening close to where I sit, and various other music lessons. During the weekday evenings yoga, tai chi, and aerobics occur as well.

Centro Peyton from the inner courtyard, third floor at dusk. Residential rooms are on top with 2 brightly lit floors below.

During our stay we are provided with delicious Peruvian home cooked meals. The cooks contract with Centro Peyton and over the years have gotten to know us and appreciate our work. They cater to us in wonderful, loving ways, asking our preferences and making our favorite Peruvian dishes. We are so grateful to them for taking care of us and making us feel at home!

Our last breakfast together this morning, with our friends the cooks. Tonight we all head home in different directions to our regular lives. It feels a bit like ending summer camp!