Happy Birthday Eleanore!

Today is Eleanore’s birthday, she would have been 28 if she were still here with us. It is also the birthday of Eleanore’s Project! Our formal acceptance of incorporation papers and 501 (c) (3) status on August 2, 2004 was a delightful coincidence. It is a personal blessing to be able to celebrate Eleanore’s birthday this way.

So today we are sharing a special photo to commemorate the day and our first trip to Peru in 2004. Pictured are Rick, Julian and I (Eleanore’s parents and sister), our dear friend Don Dubuque who thought of the name “Eleanore’s Project” and Sister Elizabeth and a colleague from the school where we worked. Last but not least, front and center is Milagros, who became the new owner of Eleanore’s wheelchair on that day. Happy birthday Eleanore!

Milagros in 2004, who received Eleanore’s wheelchair during our first trip to Peru