Martin’s Unique Wheelchair

Today we worked with children from Aynimundo, including a 16 year old young man named Martin. He received a wheelchair in one of our clinics about 5 years ago. Although we did not see the chair, his mother said it had not been adjusted since then.


Team Martin – Brian, Emma, Tamara and Rachel

Martin has a type of cerebral palsy that makes him very stiff and more relaxed alternately. His muscle tone is spastic and he has incredible difficulty controlling his body. The effort to smile or use gestures to communicate just makes it worse.

After assessing Martin and determining that he could not tolerate more typical sitting posture, his therapy team decided to create a unique seat. It had to stabilize him enough so he would not injure his limbs on metal parts or fall out, while allowing him the freedom to move. Throughout the entire process he was consulted to be sure that each change was acceptable and comfortable for him. Although he cannot speak, Martin made his approval or dislike very clear.The finished product had soft seating with “wings” at the sides to protect his legs and arms from becoming caught and injured. Any metal part that could potentially hurt him was covered.

Check out Martin in his very unique wheelchair…we last saw him being pushed through the market outside Yancana Huasy on his way to the bus hired by Aynimundo to transport all the families and wheelchairs home.

Martin with his mother and the team who created his new chair

Martin with his mother and the team who created his new chair