The Importance of Follow-Up

Yesterday was wheelchair follow-up day at Yancana Huasy – their follow-up clinic happens every Friday and for the first time we saw them in action. The process of procuring a new wheelchair at Yancana Huasy includes parents (or users) signing an agreement – they look after the wheelchair well, use night and day therapeutic positioning, and return every 6 months for follow-up. This is where growth adjustments, repairs and determination of whether a replacement wheelchair is necessary takes place. Regular follow-up is crucial in responsible wheelchair provision – they require care and maintenance like any technology, and kids outgrow wheelchairs like they do clothes. Several therapists staff the clinic and Rufino is on hand for repairs or replacement parts as needed. Check out the scene yesterday!

Working on a seat cushion while its owner waits in the background.
Lowering a footplate to accommodate growth.

Meanwhile, Sammie and Tamara had the pleasure of working with Lucia and her family, whom we had met a few years ago. A different kind of follow-up because we are always interested to see how kids we know from past visits are doing now. They arrived with Lucia and her sleep system in tow! We decided that Lucia wins the prize for a beautiful sleep system, with custom covers made by her creative mother, Roxana. Lucia’s chest symmetry was measured in October and then again more recently – we are happy to report that her measurements improved in just a few months! Her parents are committed to following through and if they do, Lucia can look forward to a well-aligned body as she grows.

Roxana made the sand bags and velcro straps for her upper body, and made a custom cover for the foam lower body support fabricated by Elizabeth, her OT.
Lucia in her new wheelchair – same style as last time but bigger to accommodate her height. This one will grow with her for the next few years.