Who Was Eleanore?

Eleanore Kittelson-Aldred. A girl with kind brown eyes and an engaging smile sits in her wheelchair. She is wearing a yellow shirt with a celestial print vest. Eleanore Kittelson-Aldred was born August 2, 1989 in Missoula, Montana to Tamara Kittelson-Aldred and Rick Aldred. She joined older sisters Arwen and Julian and shared many adventures with her family during her short life.

Eleanore was born with disabilities; she was profoundly deaf and used a wheelchair for mobility. However, Eleanore was much more than just her disabilities. She experienced and brought much joy during her life, and she had a large impact on the children and adults who knew her at school, in the Missoula community, and at church. She passed away unexpectedly in July 2001, just before her twelfth birthday. Eleanore’s Project celebrates her memory and is dedicated to helping people who, like her, need wheeled mobility and postural care.