Yarsi gets a wheelchair

Yesterday was productive as we spent it unpacking and organizing our wheelchair clinic workspace. “We” is now Alan Donaldson, Mary Beth Long, April Pate, Laura Miklautsch and Rick Aldred – who joined Sammie and Tamara over the weekend. With everything set up and ready to go, we had the fun of working with three wonderful kids today and Yarsi was one of them.

Yarsi is 6 years old and spent most of the day with us as we completed a very special wheelchair for her. Her most common expression was smiling, and when asked if she is always like this her mother’s response was “she’s a good girl”. During the day Yarsi had all kinds of experiences while waiting for her wheelchair to be made just right. Noemi the speech therapist worked with her on swallowing and made plans to introduce alternative and augmentative communication. She had a reunion with Stonehill College students who worked with her family two years ago. Elizabeth (OT) made Yarsi a special foam leg rest for when she is lying down and she loved playing bubbles with Laura. Toward the end of the day Yarsi’s body symmetry was measured by Elizabeth (OT) and Sandra (PT), who are practicing this skill after learning it from Tamara. These measurements provided valuable information for Yarsi’s night and day postural care plan. She was a star the whole time.

Yarsi was so patient while Tamara, Sandra and Elizabeth discussed measurements.

When she finally got to sit in her new chair Yarsi was all smiles! With good support she can sit well and see everything and with her tray she will be able to touch and play with things – a special request from her mother. Not only that, but with good positioning outside of her wheelchair Yarsi’s body can stay in good shape as she grows.

Completing a wheelchair for Yarsi was a group effort and here are the folks who did it – surrounding the star of the show!